BlueScope Annual Report 2018/2019

BlueScope Steel Limited ABN 16 000 011 058 Annual Financial Report - 30 JUNE 2019 Contents Page Financial statements Statement of comprehensive income 2 Statement of financial position 3 Statement of changes in equity 4 Statement of cash flows 5 About this report 6 Notes to the consolidated financial statements 7 Financial performance Working capital and provisions Invested capital Capital structure and financing activities Group structure Unrecognised items Other information 1.Segment information 6.Trade and other receivables 12.Property, plant and equipment 15.C sh and cash equivalents 20.Business combinations 26.Contingencies 29.Share-based payments 2.Revenue 7.Inventories 13.Intangible assets 16.Borrowings 21.Other investments - Fair value through OCI 27.Commitments 30.Related party transactions 3.Other income 8.Operating intangible assets 14.Carrying value of non-financial assets 17.Contributed equity 22.Subsidiaries and non- controlling interests 28.Events occurring after balance date 31.Parent entity financial information 4.Income tax 9.Trade and other payables 18.Reserves 23.Investment in associates 32.Deed of cross - guarantee 5.Earnings (loss) per share 10.Provisions 19.Dividends 24.Investment in joint ventures 33.Financial instruments and risk 11.Retirement benefit obligations 25.Discontinued operations 34.Remuneration of auditors 35.Other accounting policies Signed Reports Directors' declaration 68 Independent audit report to the members 69 - 1 -